Freelancers United!



We feel strongly about joining forces in an open spirit. In the past joining forces with other freelancers have made everyone more competitive and obtaining better deals.

This is why we believe freelancers should try to join forces. We take initiative for that purpose.


What can we do for you: 

You can be a part of our remote services team. Standing alone you cannot offer 24/7 services but within a team of freelancers we make this work. You do this as an extra after hours or fulltime when you don’t have a contract for example. For this we require people with enough technical skills and long term experience so that we have a balanced team and can offer the best services.

Also we can propose you when we have a request for a development or management team for example. Joining forces makes us able to compete with the big players or offer them a service they could be interested in.


What we do not do:

We will not propose your CV withouth your approval. Also will we not act as third party, only taking money because we happen to have your CV. We do not believe in that system…

We will only propose your CV when we have a project with an end customer or his preferred partner.

Since we have been freelancers ourselves we strongly believe in open communication and giving you all information on end price and your price. We do not believe in taking commission just to forward your CV.

We invite you to send us your CV and we will publish it, if you want. If we get contacted by a third party we will inform you and leave it up to you to negotiate with them.