• Acats BVBA is your knowledge partner for IT projects and managed services.
  • Besides knowledge, we also offer technical support for small and big projects.
  • We can manage your systems, even remotely.
  • Acats BVBA can call itself a specialist in Oracle database solutions and Microsoft development.
  • We have not only managed static database environments, but also very large databases in complex environments.
  • Development has been done in Oracle Forms, Apex, Microsoft .Net, ASP and others.
  • Since we started we have done several projects and delivered consultancy for large Belgian and European companies.
  • Through the long years of experience of its consultants you as a customer are insured to get the right advice and a tailor made solution.



ACATS BVBA was founded in 1998 by Francois Van Leuven, who is the senior managing partner. François has been in IT consultancy since the early beginning, after graduating in IT System Analysis. Working especially on Oracle environment, after developing in Cobol first, he did projects in oracle Forms and reports. In 1999 he switched to database management and worked for a long period at Centea. François works mostly as Oracle DBA consultant, (technical) project manager and organizes the remote managed services.



Mission statement: 

Our core business has always been oracle database management and Oracle and Microsoft development for several projects. However after working with several freelancers and companies, we have build an important network of colleagues and business partners with which we have a trustful cooperation.

Our advantages:

  • A wide network of business partners and freelancers
  • Single point of contract for all your IT services in our partner alliance.
  • Low overhead costs: We don’t have exclusive offices or staff for which you pay the price; we tend to work straight forward so you pay for the service you get and nothing else…
  • What you get is what you pay…
  • Power through freelancers and partners which are flexible workforces so we can quickly start your projects with the right people



LACO: delivering some of our managed services and supporting their infrastructure.

– Umicore: Several projects over the last 13 years, including developing a logistics and customs declaration system for import and export oversea, by road and air (done in Oracle Apex)

– Proximus (Belgacom): Manage Oracle 10 & 11 RAC systems with Application Server, Oracle Portal and others for customers like the Federal health department.

– Centea Bank & Verzekeringen: Merge of several banking applications into a new system. Done with Oracle Forms, Designer, Oracle db’s.

– KBC: Integration of the Centea environment into the KBC systems.

– Thomas Cook: Monitoring of Oracle environment on Linux platforms done remotely. Provide and install new environments like Oracle 11 databases.

– Lanxess Chemicals (ex Bayer): Project Management, Consolidation and disaster & recovery projects. Merging and modernizing several applications in Oracle Forms, VBA and .NET into a new and secured environment with oracle 11 & DataGuard for the Belgian sites in cooperation with Lanxess and Bayer Leverküsen.

– Yara Chemicals & Norsk Hydro (now Statoil): Maintenance of a logistics application connected to weighing devices. Redesign of the application into Oracle Forms 10 and Application Server on Oracle 10, with signel sign on, secured (https) environment, certificates, etc… Consolidate applications from all European sites (Norway, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, …) into a central site in Norway. Setup monitoring for all database in the Netherlands.

– BCD Travel: .Net development.

– ABN Amro Bank Den Bosch – The Netherlands: